Senthil Kumar

Senthil Kumar Parimalanathan, Ph.D.

Individual Fellow at ULB

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"We are not to tell nature what she’s gotta be. … She's always got better imagination than we have"

-Richard Phillips Feynman

About Me

I am currently an Individual Fellow at ULB (IF@ULB, COFUNDed by the Université libre de Bruxelles and the European Commission within the framework of MARIE SKŁODOWSKA-CURIE actions (H2020). I work at Transfers, Interfaces & Processes (TIPs) laboratory , Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium. I have completed my Ph.D in the field of experimental grid turbulence, droplet vaporization and combustion from Indian Institute of Technology Madras. I also pursued Master of Technology in the field of Thermal Sciences with specialization in Combustion and Propulsion from the same institute.

I am a great fan of American physicist, Noble prize winner, Prof. Richard Feynman and always wanted to pursue research as means of decoding the "nature of Nature". I love teaching as much as I love doing research. I am more of an experimentalist and would like to spend most of my time with optical gadgets. I recently got interested in Machine learning. Like Professor Brian Cox, I too believe that "the greatest threat to our planet is the human stupidity".

I have worked on variety of topics such as Passive Turbulence Control, Jet Acoustics, Jet Instability Modes, Free Shear Flows, Diffusion and Premixed Flames, Sessile Droplet Spreading and Evaporation, Contact Angle Hysterisis, Chemically reacting drops, Counter-flow Diffusion Flames, Coal Gastification, Bio-Fluid Mechanics and Atomization and Sprays.

Currently I am working on the effect of humidity and water concentration on the spreading of hygroscopic droplets. I also design experimental setup for applications in Parabolic Flights.

Contact me through my e-mail in case you need any guidance with respect to research related to the above specified topics. I may not know every details but atleast can direct you in the right direction...